Mombasa targets Shelly Beach in fresh tourism revival drive in Kenya

Mombasa targets Shelly Beach in fresh tourism revival drive

The Mombasa county government in Kenya has started reviving tourism at Shelly Beach, the second largest public beach in the coastal hub.

The department of Trade, Tourism and Investment has partnered with local communities in Likoni to revive the beach as a tourist destination.

County Tourism Chief Officer, Innocent Mugabe, said the department had partnered with local community groups to revive tourism in Likoni area.

“After Kaya Bombo skirmishes in 1997 tourism activities went down, more than 10 hotels and villas were shut down and tour operators did not want to take tourists there. Most domestic tourists do not know if Shelly Beach exists,” Mr Mugabe said.

The beach suffered a critical blow following a string of incidents that saw the facility turned into hideout dens for machete wielding youths.

The attractive beach, which was a haven for tourists savouring offerings of the South Coast, became a danger zone due to security threats posed by local youths from 1997.

The beach has since been deserted by tourists and left to a handful of fishermen.

Hotels and villas in the area have also been abandoned and run down.

Culled from Business Daily, Kenya