Bayelsa Tourism Commissioner Dreams of World-Class Marina Resort in Yenagoa

Hon. Alla John, New Commissioner for Tourism Development

Bayelsa State Commissioner for Tourism Development, Hon. Alla John has described the popular Oxbow-Lake at Swali-Yenagoa as a very suitable location to build a world-class marina resort, informing that such marina resort would enhance the marine tourism offerings of the state.

Hon. John made the remark, shortly after visiting the Oxbow Lake Pavilion Swali-Yenagoa and surrounding seafood restaurants at the lake side at the weekend, while commending the state government for putting up such a befitting tourism edifice at the lake.

He added that a world-class marina resort at the lake would transform the place and create more business opportunites, increase tourism and recreational activities such as boating, cruising, yachting, fishing and boat regattas among several water sporting activities.

Hon. John noted that a marina resort at the Oxbow Lake would create jobs related to boat, boat building, maintenance, sales and other services, which would go a long way to support and stimulate the local economy, pointing out that building of the marina resort at the lake side should take into cognisance the environmental protection factor, water depth and surroundings in line with global best practice to boost marine sustainable tourism.

Hon. Alla John (1st) making point while Dr. Piriye Kiyaramo (2nd, right) listens

The new tourism commissioner further noted that a marina resort would offer a wide range of social amenities for boaters, beside construction of clean restrooms and showers, laundry facilities, well-stocked ship stores, swimming pool, fitness centers including on-site restaurants and bars, among other entertainment areas.

“Such a world-class marina resort has to come with a refuelling station, washing and repair facilities, marine and boat chandlers, ground facilities, parking lots for vehicles and boat trailers, slipways (or boat ramps) for transfer of trailered boats into the water. One of the main benefits of mooring in a marina is security, which no one would say no to.

Hon. Alla John (middle) listening to explanation from a security guard while immediate past SSA to the Governor on Tourism, Dr. Piriye Kiyaramo (1st left) at the Oxbow Lake Pavilion

“Marina is much safer than just leaving a boat completely unattended at a waterfront. In addition, a marina resort could be packed with five-star restaurants, floating hotels, exclusive beach clubs, and stylishly modernized buildings, among several entertainment centres.

Hon. Alla John (middle), Hon. Alex Akata (1st, left) and Dr. Piriye Kiyaramo (1st, right) during a visit to the popular Oxbow-Lake Swali-Yenagoa

“A marina is a dock, especially a fancy one, used for sailboats and yachts. If you live in a harbour town, you can walk down the marina to watch boats come and go. A marina differs from a port, which is also a harbour where boats can dock because it’s designed for small boats and yachts rather than large ships,” the Commissioner for Tourism Development said.


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