First Ph.D. Holder in Recreation & Tourism Education Becomes Kids’ Tourism Organization DG/CE0

The Board of Trustees of the Kids In Tourism Development Initiative (KITDI) has appointed Nigeria’s first scholar to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree in Recreation & Tourism Education from the University of Calabar, Dr. Blessing Anam, as its pioneer Director-General/CEO.

A statement endorsed by the Chairman, Board of Trustees, and Secretary, Dr. Piriye Kiyaramo and Amb. Usen Udoh respectively, stated that the board unanimously approved the appointment at its virtual inaugural board meeting on Thursday, May 30, 2024, with immediate effect.

The statement described Dr. Anam, who holds a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Degree in Physical & Health Education from the University of Calabar and a Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree in Sports Administration from the University of Lagos, as an astute scholar in the field of sports and tourism education.

It further informed that Dr. Anam’s Ph.D. dissertation, adjudged to be one of the best academic research works in the field of tourism, was subsequently recommended to the Cross River state government for adoption as a blueprint in the tourism sector in the state.

Kids In Tourism Development Initiative’s objectives include: teaching children tolerance and understanding brotherhood to pave the way for social harmony, economic improvement, and the physical well-being of the community.

Make children appreciate diverse cultures and people around the world by accepting individuals from various ethnicities and backgrounds with open arms into their lands, inculcate in children a sense of cultural pride and community, and expose them to conservation education early.

In addition, to inculcate in children the right cultural values and to explore unique cultural influences through early orientation, seek to instill a sense of customs and beliefs about food, artistic expressions, language, and religion, which affect children’s emotional, social, physical, and linguistic development, while fostering a sense of cultural identity and heritage among kids.

KITDI seeks to positively impact children by providing the basic cultural tools to enable them to understand their family and community, and to be understood within it to interact with their peer social groups, with a view to making them to appreciate the cultural values in which they are being raised. To enable children to express their creativity to enhance or preserve their sense of community and place.

Seek to expose children to cultural experiences through leisure activities such as entertainment, learning, and sharing experiences with others. KITDI aims to promote historical awareness in children in a bid to contribute to their understanding of individual identities, encourage their inquisitive attitudes, and to make children appreciate their cultural symbols, including language, values, beliefs, and norms.

According to the statement: “Dr. Blessing Anam is a simple, emotionally stable, humble, honest, naturally sociable, hilarious, unassuming, financially prudent, accountable, friendly, and spiritually balanced elegant Efik lady with a goal-getter vision”.

Dr. Blessing Anam is a member and holder of various offices in professional associations/NGOs, including her recent appointment as Director of Logistics in the BRACED Tourism Promotion & Development Initiative’s pioneer executive council, an appointment she cheered and cherished with high esteem.

Lady B, as fundly called by her friends/contemporaries, has served as Ag. Head, in the Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education in the University of Calabar between 2019 and 2020, and in various other capacities in the Department/Faculty and the University in general, as well at State level. She is currently serving as the Ag. Director of Sports of the University, doing her second tenure because of her experience, hardwork, innovations and attractions.

Her working experience cuts across the kindergarten classes, (where she enjoys the fun of kids and also learns from them), including the primary/post-primary. She does not just limit her teaching career to the confines of the classroom but develops packages of out-door activities in the likes of field trips, excisions and competitions that involve locally and international travels, which give the kids/youth the true feeling of nature and an idea of tourism and conservation which Kids In Tourism Initiative is a strong advocate.

Dr. Blessing Anam was one time U-12 handball Trainer for Cross River State. She has been involved in the planning of kids/youth programmes and has served as Chief Judge and member of panels. She has also engaged herself in podium services, rendering humanitarian services within her reach. She is a gifted psychologist/counsellor, presenter on educative programmes/objective discussant on TV/Radio shows.

An author of books, presenter, publisher of scholarly papers both locally & internationally, this elegant Efik lady has always been a good promoter of her cultural heritage, being a good dancer right from her childhood and holding the office as costumes designer/curator, and proposed Chairperson of her Faculty dancing trope (AITT- Africana International dancing Trope & Tourism), University of Calabar.

Dr. Blessing Anam has won several laurels/certificates in sports and creative arts as well as a recipient of several awards and recognition through her meritorious services to humanity, ranging from her community, church, several students’ union awards, including the “STARDOM Award”.

She has good culinary skills in local and continental cuisines, which make her outstanding, adventurous, daring, and enthusiastic. She is a patron of the Girls’ Brigade – 27 Calabar Company, Special Marshal Governor of Batch 2019, Youth Ambassador (YPA), and Secretary of UN-POLAC, Cross River State Chapter.

Dr. Blessing Anam, an Efik by tribe, precisely from Eniong Abatim in Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State. She is a strong youth advocate, being part of her calling and passion. Her hobbies include photography, traveling, making friends across borders, cooking, designing, decor, and aerobics exercise.

Her other skills include, using solar energy, agility/flexibility, creativity, resourcefulness, good leadership charisma, sportsmanship, ability to work with a team, event planning, and ceremonies.


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